Akurat Lighting 4x SECTOR RGBWW Modular LED Panel - 4X-SECTOR

Akurat Lighting
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Akurat Lighting 4x SECTOR RGBWW Modular LED Panel

6500K 5000 lux 1m, 1550 lux 1.8m, 550 lux 3m
2700K 4000 lux 1m, 1200lux 1.8m, 440 lux 3m
• Adjustable colortemperature: 2700K-6500K
• AC-adapter
• Beam Angle: 120 Degree
• CRI 97 / TLCI 99
• Flicker Free

dim. 500x50x10mm
weight 350g
Amount of Leds 324
passive cooled
rated voltage 20V
max power 35W

• SECTOR Controller
independent channels 4
dimmers 20
available modes CCT, HSV/HSI, RGB
dimmers Fast PWM (31.25 kHz) Flicker Free
rated voltage 12-24V
max total power 150W
remote control wireless W-DMX
dimensions 172x170x35mm
weight 300g

• SECTOR 4 Panel Grip
dim. of assem. panel: 510x200x50mm
weight of assembled panel 4,1 kg
approx. weight panel w/mounting grips 5kg

• SECTOR 8 Omnidirectional Grip
dim. 650x200mm
aluminum/carbon body
weight (without LED modules) 1.5kg
weight w/ 8 LED modules assem. 4,3kg

• SECTOR Battery Power Plate
V-Lock or Gold-Mount
rated output voltage 20V
max. power 150W
Akurat Lighting is a modular RGBWW LED lighting system designed for Broadcast, Film, Photography, Video
Due to its modular design, SECTOR offers an extraordinary range of applications. SECTOR is also a light source of any colour and white light in the CCT 2700-6500K range, with perfect, close to nature colour reproduction, with the TLCI 99-100 factor and green-purple balance adjustment.

The basic components of the SECTOR system are:
• SECTOR LED RGBWW 35W module containing a set of LEDs with passive cooling
• SECTOR Controller for independent control of four LED modules
• SECTOR 4 Panel Grip allowing the connection of four SECTOR LED 35 modules into a flat panel
• SECTOR 8 Omnidirectional Grip allowing to connect eight SECTOR LED 35 modules into an omnidirectional light

SECTOR LED 35 The module consists of a board with a set of LEDs: RGB + cold white + warm white, enclosed in an aluminum frame and equipped with a set of light aluminum heat sinks, dissipating heat from the LED diodes.

The module is equipped with a connector to connect to the SECTOR Controller. This socket fits popular IDC plugs, crimped on a 10-wire ribbon cable. The popularity of the connector allows you to make or repair cables on your own, by crimping new plugs. Ready-made SECTOR Ribbon Cables with plugs are sold in two lengths – short for connecting modules in SECTOR 4 Panel and long for connecting the SECTOR Controller to SECTOR 8 Omnidirectional grip or for other use of SECTOR LED modules.

The holes in the shorter edges of the module allow it to be mounted in SECTOR grips.

Basic technical data :
• Maximum luminous flux approx. 3500 lumens
• White Light CRI Ra=97+ TLCI 99-100
• Rated voltage 20V CV (Constant Voltage)
• IDC plug type- Amphenol T812110A101CEU or compatible
• Maximum total electric power – 35W

SECTOR Controller
The device allows you to completely independently control four sets (sectors) of RGBWW LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White cold, White warm). The SECTOR controller connected to four dedicated Akurat SECTOR LED 35 modules allows you to obtain any light on each of them, a white light with a color temperature in the range of 2700K-6500K, with GM (green-magenta) balance adjustment, or light of any colour selected from the RGB or HSV (Hue, Saturation, Volume) otherwise known as HSI (Hue, Saturation, Intensity). The controller works in the CV (constant voltage) Fast PWM mode and can control both dedicated SECTOR LED modules and any LED sets, for example, LED strips designed to work with constant voltage up to 24V. In this case the controller supply voltage should correspond to the rated voltage LED set, and the maximum power of the connected LED sets should not exceed 150W.

The high frequency of 31.25kHz PWM signal eliminates the possibility of image flickering at standard camera shutter speeds (no flicker light).

The controller is equipped with four sockets for LED connection, compatible with Amphenol T812110A101CEU plugs or equivalent, a power socket compatible with the KYCON plug KPPX-4P or compatible and two USB sockets for connecting a wireless remote control module in the QuickDMX system or an Akurat W-DMX module.

The controller’s front panel features a display, SECTOR and MODE selection buttons, TUN/GREEN, DAY/BLUE standard settings buttons and an encoder multifunction knob. The selection of one of the three light parameters to be edited is made by pressing the encoder knob. Turning the knob changes the value of the currently selected parameter. The encoder knob has a dynamic precision control, which makes it easier and faster to set the desired light parameters.

SECTOR Battery Power Plate
The battery plate enables powering the SECTOR controller from the V-Lock or Gold-Mount battery. The plate is equipped with Velcro fasteners that allow you to install it to the SECTOR 4 Panel Grip in place of the power supply. Due to the high power, we do not recommend using low capacity batteries.