Aputure LS 60 Softbox fits Light Storm 60d & 60x (35x35x30cm) - LS-60-SOFTBOX

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Aputure LS 60 Softbox fits Light Storm 60d & 60x (35x35x30cm)

Aputure LS 60 d & x Softbox
• Compact Square Softbox Designed for LS 60s/60x
• 2 Types of Front Diffusion (1.5 Stop & 2.5 Stop)
• 45° Light Control Grid
• Diffusion Area Larger than a 1x1 Panel
• Includes Carrying Bag

In the box:
1x LS 60 Softbox
1x Light Control Grid
1x Front Diffusion (1.5 Stop)
1x Front Diffusion (2.5 Stop)
1x Speed Ring Adapter
1x Carrying Bag
Aputure LS 60 Softbox is a square softbox that matches the compact design of the 60d and 60x by softening the output without adding excess bulk.

Its minimal 4-rod design maintains a simple construction while still giving users all the tools they need to modify their light, including two diffusion fabrics (1.5 stop & 2.5 stop) and a light control grid.

With 35-centimeter, or roughly 14-inch, long sides, thediffusion is ideal for a small softbox. Its diffusion area islarger than the aperture of 1x1 LED panel, making the LS 60 Softbox great for quick, run-and-gun key, fill, or hair lights, particularly for ENG shooters and guerilla filmmakers.

With a softbox that packs down into a slim carrying bag, filmmakers can now transform their LS 60d or 60x from a punchy, focusable point-source to a soft light in seconds.