Akurat Lighting S4 MK2 Low Profile (65W) Bi-Color LED Fixture, 60 Degree Lenses, DMX and AC Adapter - S4-MK2-LP

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Akurat Lighting S4 Low Profile MK2 (65W) Bi-Color LED Fixture, 60 Degree Lenses, DMX and AC Adapter

Akurat Lighting S4 MK2 Low Profile Bi-Color high output and strong lenticular LED panel with replaceable optics for Filmmakers, Phototographers, Musea, Studios and Videomakers.
The aluminum illuminator with dimensions of 60×13 cm is a new incarnation of the smallest panel of the Akurat Lighting S series. The panel is more than twice as powerful as its predecessor S4bi and has an essentially greater beam of light.

The CCT range has been extended to the 2700-6500 Kelvins.

The Mark 2 also features a completely new light control by the multifunction encoder knob.

The optical system consists of 4 interchangeable TIR lens units, placed on magnetic holders, which shape the two basic photometric parameters of the luminaire – the angle of the light beam and the maximum illuminance achieved.

The main advantages of the S4 MK2
• The possibility of changing the photometric parameters of the luminare by quickly replacing the optics mounted on magnetic catches
• The ability to achieve powerful illuminance or illuminate a large area up close depending on the lenses used
• No flickering effect, the ability to illuminate sets filmed in Slow Motion mode without restrictions
• The ability to smoothly adjust the CCT and switch between standard daylight/tungsten lights
• The ability to dimming from 0 to 100%
Intuitive operation
• Built-in DMX512 decoder, the possibility of wireless control in the W-DMX system (option)
• Display of the current CCT in Kelvins, dimmer as a percentage and battery voltage in Volts
• Possibility of power supply from popular NP-F batteries or other camera batteries, also V-Lock and Gold Mount
• High efficiency and low operating temperature
• Housing made of aluminum
• High mechanical, shock and moisture resistance
• Reliability