Aputure Nova P600c SOFTBOX (60 x 90cm) - NOVA-P600C-SOFTBOX

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Aputure Nova P600c SOFTBOX (60 x 90cm)

Aputure Nova P600c Softbox
• Softbox (Built) 95.5 x 58 x 33cm
• Softbox (collapsed) 66.0 x 52.5 x 8.0cm
• 45 Degree Light Control Grid 95.5 x 58.0 x 4.2cm
• Weight 1.34kg

In the box:
1x Aputure Nova P600c Softbox
1x Front Diffusion (1/4 Grid Cloth)
1x 45 Degree Light Control Grid
1x Carrying Case
The Aputure Nova P600c Softbox is a medium sized 60 x 90 cm or 2 x 3 ft) rectangular soft light modifier, that increases the illuminated surface area of the P600c by approximately three times
This allows the P600c produce an even softer light quality and increased light wrap And by utilizing a highly reflective inner lining and 1/4 Grid Cloth like diffusion, combination still maintains superb light output and efficiency The softbox attaches to the P600c using hook and loop straps and is collapsible into a compact size that can be stored in the accompanying carrying bag And like the collapsible softbox the included 45 degree Light Control Grid uses a spring steel core to increase tension when set up, while being able to fold down to a compact size for storage.

Main feature:
• 60 x 90 cm 2 x 3 ft) Medium Rectangular Softbox for the Nova P600c
• Tool-less and frame less installation with hook and loop straps
• Folds down into a compact shape for no hassle storage
• High reflectivity lining for improved light efficiency
• Collapsible, spring steel 45 degree light control grid included to enhance directionality and eliminate spill
• Lightweight design 1.34kg
• Portable carrying bag for easy storage and transport