Akurat Lighting ULA-1N Bi-Color IP55 Water resistant On-Camera Light - ULA-1N

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Akurat Lighting ULA-1N Bi-Color IP55 Water resistant On-Camera Light

Akurat Lighting ULA-1N IP55
• Photometrics:
0,6m 1030 lux
1.0m 360 lux
1,2m 242 lux
1,8m 110 lux
2,4m 63 lux
• Color Temperature 3200K - 5600K
• Beam Angle 120 Degree
• CRI 98
• IP55 water resistant
• Maximum electric power: 18 W
• Supply voltage: 6–16 V

• Avalable accessories:
10mm – 1/4 Thread Camera Adapter
10mm Photo-Shoe Adapter
M8 – 5.5/2.1 Cable
M8 – D-Tap Cable
Magnetic barndoors with diffuser
Akurat 10 mm Accessory Mounting System
Akurat Lighting Water resistant IP55 on-camera light Akurat ULA-1N with movable LED matrix, emitting top-quality light
Placing the LED matrix on the hinge with adjustable frictional force, makes possible to tilt the lamp, but also to fold the matrix to a horizontal position to facilitate movement operator with the camera with the light and prevent mechanical damage of the fixture and the camera. You can configure the light to be attached to the camera or to other accessories, selecting the appropriate elements from the wide list of the fixing accessories of this system. It is possible to configure the mount to the photo-shoe socket or to the 1/4 inch threaded connections, with the option of quick mounting and disassembly of accessories. The light is equipped with a power switch and brightness and color temperature controllers. Sealed movable controls and power connection are high-quality industrial components for durability and high reliability. Aluminum alloy and carbon composite were used for the construction of the ULA-1 , thanks to which the weight of the fixture is up to 200g Many accessories like cables and magnetic barndoors with diffuser are available as an option.
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