Chimera Lighting 3450 HONEYCOMB GRID 30 Degree - XS (40x55cm) - 3450

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Chimera Lighting 3450 HONEYCOMB GRID 30 Degree - XS (40x55cm)

Chimera 3450 metal Honeycomb Grid fits:
• Super Pro X / Plus - XS.
• Super Pro Shallow XS.
• Video Pro Plus XS.
• Video Pro Shallow XS.
• Daylite Jr XS.
Chimera constructed of super stiff fabric and lightweight aluminum stays to allow adjustment of the angle.
Metal Honeycomb Grids offer the ultimate in precision light control. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, Metal Honeycomb Grids attach to the front velcro of Super Pro, Video Pro, and Daylite Jr Lightbanks.
Available in 30, 60, and 90-Degree versions, Metal Honeycomb Grids come in a wood shipping case for protection.

Key Features:
• Precise light control.
• Durable and lightweight aluminum construction.
• Matte Black throughout.