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Dedolight Background FX Glass Gobo without Holder for DP400U - Waffle Magenta (series 400, DLED9,DLED10, DLED12, DLED30)

• With 11 different patterns and 8 colors you create dozens of effects
• The same Effects and Colors are available for the Series 400 Imager DP400.
Dedolight - Each pattern is available in 8 highly saturated dichroic colors: Yellow Orange (Approx. O), Purple (Approx. P), Light Blue (Approx. LB), Red (Approx. R), Magenta (Approx. M), Yellow (Approx. Y), Turquoise (Approx. T), Light Green (Approx. LG)
• Dedolight to be used with our Imager DP1 the Background FX glass gobos quickly change any flat, drab background into a stunning piece of set design.

• Focusing and defocusing the pattern changes the mood.

• Sandwich them together with Standard metal gobos and you have an even wider choice.