Dedolight PanAura 7 Daylight/Tungsten Kit, 2x 400/575 W (DLHPA7x2DT) (90-260VAC) - SPA7x2DT-E

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Dedolight PanAura 7 Daylight/Tungsten Kit, 2x 400/575 W (DLHPA7x2DT) (90-260VAC)

• Up to 400/575 W per lamp
• Socket (Lampholder) G9.5, 2-pin
• Reflector (Mirror) Dedicated PanAura soft box
• Mounting 5/8 Inch (16 mm)
Dedolight - Provides users with a large, soft and diffuse light source due to the combination of the DLHPA7x2DT soft light head for two 400/575W daylight lamps and the PanAura 7 Octadome.

Thre PanAura Family comes in 3 sizes, all offer superb soft light character without any hot spot, and the choice of different inner diffusers allows smoot and even light distribution or the typical Panaura look with the brighter rim towards the ourside - the treu loving - caressing wrap-around light character.

The kit also consists of two DEB400DT flicker?free electronic ballasts (400/575W), two 23' DPOW400DT cables, two DEB400H ballast holders with CLAMP?D, two DL400DHR?NB non-blackened daylight lamps (400/575W), a DLPA7 Dedolight PanAura 7 textile reflector, a DLPA7G Grid 40 Degree that fits the PanAura 7, and a DSCPA7W wheeled soft case for PanAura 7 kits.