Dedolight 1x 652 Standard Kit with Hardcase, 650W Tungsten Kit - K652T-E

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Dedolight 1x 652 Standard Kit with Hardcase, 650W Tungsten Kit

1.1 m 8200 lux
2.1 m 2430 lux
3.2 m 1080 lux
5.3 m 380 lux
10.6 m 95 lux
0.25 m 21650 lux
0.5 m 5800 lux
0.75 m 2650 lux
1.2 m 950 lux
2.5 m 238 lux
0.42 m 13700 lux
0.7 m 4932 lux
1.4 m 1233 lux
2 m 548 lux
2.8 m 300 lux
Dedolight - Includes three 650W LED light heads, three Standard 4-leaf barndoors, three light shield rings, three 5 Inch scrim kit (Approx. set of 4), three-scrim pouch for 400 Series, five FRL lamps, two glass density filter, three light stand, one soft bag, and one heavy-duty transport case.
The 650W LED Light Head focusable LED light that features tungsten color temperature settings for a wide range of situations.

To connect your light to a power source, it requires a DCAB3A-SW power cable (sold separately).

Barndoors attach to the front of a light and are used to restrict light from areas of a set.

Full scrims dim the light across the entire beam spread, 1/2 and graduated scrims are used to even the beam spread when lighting a subject or background from an angle

The DCHD3X6 Heavy Duty Transport Case (Black) is made to carry all equipment supplied with the Dedolight DLH650D light heads, 3 DEB650D ballasts and accessories.