Chimera Lighting LIGHTBANK - OCTAPLUS 5 - EXPANDABLE 5ft (1.5m) - 6050

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Chimera Lighting LIGHTBANK - OCTAPLUS 5 - EXPANDABLE 5ft (1.5m)

• Front Diameter: 60 in / 150 cm.
• Depth: 18 in / 45 cm.
• Weight: 4.5 lbs / 2.1 kg.
• Suitable for use with strobe fixtures and continuous lights under 650W.
• Chimera's OctaPlus 5 offers a MEDIUM-size LIGHTBANK with beautifully soft wrapping qualities light.
• Only the Chimera OctaPlus features a convertible design that transforms an Octaplus 5 into the massive 7-foot OctaPlus 57.
• Aluminum poles for long lifetime of performance.
Chimera OctaPlus is compatible with strobes or continuous lightsources up to 1200 watts, used as a 7 ft bank, 2000 watts is the limit.
With the attachment of the optional Expansion KIT, the OctaPlus 5 grows to become a great large light source.

The OctaPlus 5 is slim in profile, thanks to a unique center-weighted inner baffle that allows a shallow depth LIGHTBANK without sacrificing the evenness of the light.

Soft-silver interior for balance of efficient light output and diffusion.

Optimal size and shape for beautiful, wrapping light.

Slim profile design.

Center-weighted inner baffle to evenly disperse light output.

Durable fabric body hand-sewn in Boulder, CO.