Chimera Lighting SPEEDRING - CIRCULAR - 7 3/4" (197 mm) - DAYLITE JR - 9192

EAN 845077091922
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Chimera Lighting SPEEDRING - CIRCULAR - 7 3/4" (197 mm) - DAYLITE JR

• Durable aluminum construction.
• Angled pole blocks to fit Daylite Junior Lightbanks.
• Five-year warranty against defects.

Compatible Lightbanks*:
• Chimera Daylite Junior XXS (8204 / 8205).
• Chimera Daylite Junior XS (8214 / 8215).
• Chimera Daylite Junior SMALL (8224 / 8225).
• Chimera Daylite Junior MEDIUM (8234 / 8235).
• Chimera Daylite Junior Low-Heat XXS (8204LH).
• Chimera Daylite Junior Low-Heat XS (8214LH).
• Chimera Daylite Junior Low-Heat SMALL (8224LH).
• Chimera Daylite Junior Low-Heat MEDIUM (8234LH).
*Final compatibility may be determined by the maximum recommended wattage of the LIGHTBANK and light combination.

Chimera speed ring for Arri Plus 1000/Compact 575/575Par.

Chimera Daylite Junior Speed Rings feature angled pole blocks engineered specifically for the Daylite Junior series of Lightbanks.

The circular mounting ring fits into the front barn door or accessory slot of the light.

The Daylite Junior series is designed to compliment narrow beam angle fixtures, such as fresnels, from 150W to 2000W.

The depth of these Lightbanks is increased for more even light diffusion and minimizing a hot-spot on the front screen.