Dedolight Dedocool Head Only - Tungsten - P.O.R. - COOLH

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Dedolight Dedocool Head Only - Tungsten - P.O.R.

Technical Data: COOLH
• Weight: 1.84 kg (4 Ibs)
• Lamp: 24V / 250W (ELC)
• Osram HLX 64653 or equivalent
• Cable length: 690 cm (22ft 8 Inch)
• Mounting: Standard 16 mm (5/8 Inch) receptacle

Dedolight - Tungsten light head designed expressly to meet the special require-ments of ultra high speed film making and videography.

• The Dedocool utilizes a low wattage, low voltage lamp working in combination with a unique optical system and a special reflector which concentrates an intense amount of light over a highly concentrated area.

• Two carefully matched heat reflecting filters and transmitting mirror, route the heat through two forced air ventilators and out the back of the head.

• This fixture will provide a beam of light of 222,000 footcandles @ 8 inches from the front of the fixture.

• Over short periods of time, heating of the subject is negligible.

• Even after prolonged shooting sessions, ambient close range temperature could best be described as "warm."