Dedolight 12-14V/20W Lamp - 3000hrs. - Blackened - for focusable fixtures - DL20

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Dedolight 12-14V/20W Lamp - 3000hrs. - Blackened - for focusable fixtures

• 3200K - 320 Lumen.

Dedolight - Classic lamp for film, TV and photographic work. Halogen. Voltage: 12 V - Wattage: 20 W. Lifetime hours: 3000

The lamps used in the dedolight system offer five distinct advantages.

• Dedolights low voltage lamps offer very high light output up to 40 lumen per watt – much more (double) than high voltage halogen lamps used in conventional studio lights.

• Dedolight lamps cost only a fraction of lamps used in Standard line voltage lights with similar output.

• The long lifetime (especially of the 12V system) adds further to the savings in operating costs. The savings over time surpass the original purchase price of the entire dedolight light head several times.

• The high durability of the lamps allow dedolights to be used in tough environments. High shock and vibration resistance allows the use of dedolights under conditions which would be practically impossible for fixtures operating on Standard voltages.

• The small size of the filament contributes to the effectiveness of the optical system.