Dedolight Dimmable KA1B Basic 100W/12V Tungsten Kits 230V AC - DLH4 4 Light Basic Kit - with Hard Case - P.O.R. - KA1B

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Dedolight Dimmable KA1B Basic 100W/12V Tungsten Kits 230V AC - DLH4 4 Light Basic Kit - with Hard Case - P.O.R.

• 4 DLH4 Light head Aspherics².
• 4 DIMTA3 Dimmable electronic power supply 12 V / 230 VAC.
• 4 DBD8 Barn door.
• 4 DST Stand.
• 1 DH2 Wallholder.
• 1 CLAMP1 Clamp.
• 6 DL100 Halogen lamp 12 V / 100 W.
• 1 DLBOX Plastic box.
• 1 DCHM4 Transport hard case.
• Weight: 10.8 kg (23.8 lb.).
• Size: 57 x 43 x 22 cm (22.4 x x 16.9 x 8.7").

Dedolight - Basic 4-Light Kit with its four DLH4 150W Focusing Light Heads and accessories. Fourth generation DLH4 light head is the single, best selling professional, precision light source in the world.

Dedolight Double Aspheric Head with XLR Plug. For use with 12V or 24V Lamps (No Lamp, No Cable)
• Focus angle: 48 Degree- 4.5 Degree
• Focus intensity: 1:25
• Weight: 558 g (1.2 lbs)
• Max wattage: 100W (12V), 150W (24V)
• Cable length: See power options diagram on opposite page
• Mounting: To any 16 mm (5/8 " ) stud
• Operating position: Any

Dedolight Dimmable Electronic 230V/12VAC 100W In-line Power Supply
• Dedolight - In line dimmable electronic power supply. 12 V lamps can be used up to 100 W
• Maximum color temperature is 3200 Degree K.
• Maximum light output is equivalent to medium position on the DT12-4 power supply

Dedolight 12V/100W Lamp - 700hrs. - Blackened - for focusable fixtures
• Dedolight Classic lamp for film, TV and photographic work. Blackened bulbs for DLH2, DLH3, DLH4 and DLHM4-100. Halogen.

The lamps used in the dedolight system offer five distinct advantages.

• Dedolights low voltage lamps offer very high light output up to 40 lumen per watt – much more (double) than high voltage halogen lamps used in conventional studio lights.

• Dedolight lamps cost only a fraction of lamps used in Standard line voltage lights with similar output.

• The long lifetime (especially of the 12V system) adds further to the savings in operating costs. The savings over time surpass the original purchase price of the entire dedolight light head several times.
• The high durability of the lamps allow dedolights to be used in tough environments. High shock and vibration resistance allows the use of dedolights under conditions which would be practically impossible for fixtures operating on Standard voltages.

• The small size of the filament contributes to the effectiveness of the optical system