Dedolight 1200W Focusable - Daylight Lamphead, Pole Operated (No Lamp) - DLH1200D-PO

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Dedolight 1200W Focusable - Daylight Lamphead, Pole Operated (No Lamp)

• High 1000W Daylight Output
• Higher light yield
• Higher focusability
• Perfect light and color distribution
• Highly efficient convection cooling
• Rainproof
• Pole Operated
• Super service friendly
• Flips open like a book – easy access
• Extremely low UV values, approx. 1/20 of the value shown by other lights

Dedolight - High tungsten light output with fine-tuned focusing - accepting G22 halogen bulbs up to 1200W.

Double aspheric optics and zoom focus.

Independent from the settings on the electronic ballast, the focusing knob on the light fixture allows the variation of the beam angle in an extremely wide range.

Using a patented two lens system in combination with a 2-step movement of the mirror and lenses, it is possible to achieve a focusing range unprecedented in other compact light heads.

The finely tuned optical system offers an extremely clean beam - with practically no stray light - improved light distribution in spot and flood and any position in between.

The adjustability of the beam has been enhanced by a super spot position.

The holders on the front ring of the fixture accept accessories such as the barndoor, filter holder or projection attachment which are secured by a latch on the top left side of the fixture.

A handle on the rear side of the fixture, which can be unfolded for operation or folded for transport, allows for easy pan and tilt motions of the light head.

A opening on the stand fitting located near the axis accept a safety wire or safety chain.

It is necessary when the fixture is operated in a hanging mode.

A metal noose on the right side of the light head can accept a suitable safety cable or safety chain to connect the light head with its point of fixation when operated in a hanging mode.

If needed, the same noose can be used for a safety cable to secure the barndoor.

The DLH1200D daylight light head cannot be operated without the DEB1200D electronic ballast. The connecting cable (DPOW1200D) must be used between the electronic ballast and the light fixture. Maximum tilt angle is +/- 90 Degree.