Avenger Swivelling C-Clamp - C150

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Avenger Swivelling C-Clamp

• Weight 1.6 kg
• Attachment 01 1 1/8" (28mm) socket, 5/8" (16mm) stud
• Certification TUV
• Clamp range - max. (round tube) 78 mm
• Clamp Range Min Round Tube 28 mm
• Color Black
• Length 5 cm
• Material Aluminum
• Max Payload 10 kg
Avenger clamp that works on diameters from 28mm to 78mm. Load capacity: 10kg on 16mm attachment and 75kg on 28mm attachment
This clamp works on diameters from 28mm to 78mm with a 28mm socket and 16mm receiver.

It also features a cable lock that can hold a payload up to 75kg.

This accessory is made from gravity cast aluminium making it extremely durable and robust and perfect for holding big lights.

The swivelling locking system allows easy fixing of the fixture.