Aladdin Lights AMS-08T/D A-LITE Bi-Color LED Light - AMS-08TD

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Aladdin Lights AMS-08T/D A-LITE Bi-Color LED Light

Aladdin Lights A-Lite - AMS-08T/D
• 8W Bi-Color
• Beam Angle 140°
• Driver Flicker-Free by CC driver (efficiency>93%)
• Switch Switch: (ON/OFF)
• Dimming: (5%–100%)
• Color Temperature 2900K–6300K
• CRI/TLCI >95
• Battery 3,7V 2,5A Li-ion battery / easy changeable
• Housing Material Aluminium 6061 T6 (Aircraft grade)
• Passive cooling
• Dimension 156 x 80 x 11,5 mm
• Weight 205 g
• Power input Micro USB 3,6V
• Mounting 1/4 Screw

• In the box:
1x A-LITE (Bi-Color)
1xUSB Cable
1x Front diffuser

The Aladdin Lights Bi-Color A-LITE AMS-08T/D is a high-end variable on-board LED light with an integrated and easy changeable battery. The light quality of the Aladdin Lights A-LITE is outstanding with CRI and TLCI ratings of over 95 for both tungsten and daylight.The integrated lithium-ion battery has a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes at full power and can be charged quickly via the included Micro USB-to-USB cable. This USB cable allows you to power and/or charge the A-LITE from any USB charger, laptop, camera or battery with a USB port. Aladdin Lights A-Lite Photometrics:
• Daylight 6000K
840 lux 60cm, 230 lux 1 m, 60 lux 2 m, 32 lux 3 m
• Bi-Color 4200K
840 lux 60 cm, 230 lux 1 m, 60 lux 2 m, 32 lux 3 m
• Tungsten 3000K
600 lux 60 cm, 170 lux 1 m, 46 lux 2 m, 25 lux 3 m

The Aladdin Lights A-LITE AMS-08T/D is the slimmest and lightest on-board light on the market and the housing is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

The light comes with a standard 1?4-20” thread to mount to any on-board adapter.

A removable hinged, plastic diffuser is included with the light to soften the light even further.

The A-LITE produces a color temperature range from tungsten (2900K) to daylight (6300K) and every point in between, and is completely dimmable from 5–100%.

• Available accessories
AMS-02SHOE Shoe Mount for A-LITE
AMS-FL40CLAMPPBH Clamp with Ball Head for A-Lite
AMS-08DF Front Diffuser for A-LITE
AMS-08BAT Replacement Battery for old A-LITE
AMS-02-MAG Magnet with 1/4" Screw
AMS-08NBAT Replacement Battery for NEW A-LITE
AMS-08BATHD External Battery Charger