Aladdin A-LITE LED Light (Bi-Color) 3000K - 5600K - AMS-08TD

EAN: 8809496040222
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Aladdin A-LITE LED Light (Bi-Color) 3000K - 5600K

Daylight 6000K 840 lx 60cm, 230 lx 1 m, 60 lx 2 m, 32 lx 3 m
Bi-Color 4200K 840 lx 60 cm, 230 lx 1 m, 60 lx 2 m, 32 lx 3 m
Tungsten 3000K 600 lx 60 cm, 170 lx 1 m, 46 lx 2 m, 25 lx 3 m
• CRI: 97ra (Tungsten) / 95ra (Daylight) - TLCI: 95.
• Light Source: Super high CRI Power LED’s (8W)
• Beam Angle: 140 Degree
• Driver: Flicker-Free by CC driver (efficiency>93%)
• Switch: (ON/OFF)
• Dimmer: Dimming: (5%–100%)
• Color temperatur control: 3000 DegreeK–5600 DegreeK
• Battery: 3,7V 2,5A Li-ion battery
• Housing: material Aluminium 6061 T6 (Aircraft grade)
• Cooling: passive cooling
• Dimension: 156 x 80 x 11,5mm
• Weight: 205g
• Power input: Micro USB 3,6V
• Mounting: 1/4 Screw

Aladdin - A-LITE is a high-end BI-Color on board light with an integrated battery.

Offering powerful, clean light quality, the Aladdin A-LITE is a professional grade bi-color LED light with an integrated lithium-ion battery.
The color output is adjustable from tungsten to daylight and every point in between, and is completely dimmable from 100% to 5%.
But it's the quality of light that is the best feature:

Balancing color in mixed lighting conditions has never been easier. And because the color rendering index (CRI) is so high, you don't have to worry about adding color gels or doing color work in post-production.
Dialing in the right color and intensity has never been more intuitive than it is with the A-LITE.

The A-LITE is the slimmest and lightest high-powered LED on the market with a housing made from 6061 aircraft aluminum.

Its integrated Lithium-Ion battery allows for a runtime of up to two hours and is easily charged from a USB charger, laptop or battery with a USB Plug via an included micro USB cable.

While you won't need one for quite some time, a replacement lithium-ion battery is also available.

The A-LITE comes with a standard ¼" thread for universal mounting and an accessory diffuser is included with the light, which softens and smooths highlights in reflective objects.

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