Dedolight 1200W Parallel beam Fixture with 70cm Diamter Parabolic Reflector - DPB70

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Dedolight 1200W Parallel beam Fixture with 70cm Diamter Parabolic Reflector

Daylight, Spot angle 2°
5 mtr 106000 lux
7 mtr 54082 lux
10 mtr 26500 lux
15 mtr 11778 lux
20 mtr 6625 lux
• Dimensions 92 x 100 x 62 cm
• Weight 49.8 kg
• Special design, 1200W metal halide lamp with G22 socket specially adapted for function within the DPB70 light fixture
• 1200 W
Dedolight - Requires DPOW1200D Cable, DEB1200D Ballast and Special 1200W G22 Lamp. Professional Lighting Fixture, producing a powerfull Parallel Beam

Beam projectors are known in our industry, but this one is different in as much as it offers a very defined beam and at the same time a homogenous light distribution all across the beam.

This beam has a diameter of 70 cm (27,6“).

The intended purpose for the DPB70 beam light is within the CRLS Lighting System (Cine Reflect Lighting System), which is a new and different lighting procedure, intended to work with reflected light.

The light reflection is done with different sizes of reflectors which also feature different surfaces for different lighting effects.

When using hard reflectors, it is also possible to reflect the light out of the beam and re-reflect it with another reflector, thus, if needed or desired, also changing the character of the light again by using reflectors with different surfaces.

When such a parallel beam light carries its undiminished intensity over a long distance and is redirected by a large reflector in the entirety of the light output, the result is that a virtual light source is created at a considerable distance.

This allows to disregard the ill-effects of the square law. In other words, talents/actors will be able to move in the reflected light without diminished light intensity when changing the position.

This system also allows to light major scenes without cluttering the set with many lighting fixtures, lighting stands and other paraphernalia.

The DPB70, which is also offered under the definition CRLS 70, works with a very special 1200W metal halide lamp.

This lamp has been specially designed and adapted for use in this lighting system, helping to smoothen out the light distribution within the beam.

Better homogeneity all over, allowing the reflected light system to work smoother in such a way that when a reflector is inserted into the beam, the depth of insertion also works as a method to change the intensity (proportion) of the reflected light.

In such a way it works like an opto-mechanical dimmer, allowing to fine-tune the intensity of the light taken out of the main beam and being directed towards the area to be lit, directly or through another reflector, changing direction again.

The unit is powered by the dedolight DEB1200D ballast which also allows dimming of the light source by about 30% and works flicker-free and quietly.

It features DMX control. For smaller sets, requiring smaller paralle high intensity beams, Dedolight provides a parallel beam Adapter DPBA-14 which is