Deltec 1800205050

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Deltec GafferTape Pro 50mm x 50m Black

• 50mm x 50m Black
• Winner innovation award in the category "stage technique" on the CUE2016.
This type of tape is easy to tear by hand and is removable after use without leaving behind adhesive residue on the surface. 50mm x 50m Black
Deltec GafferTape Pro is a multi-functional (single-sided adhesive) tape on the basis of a linen carrier, provided with a PE coating and an adhesive layer on the rubber base.

the natural rubber adhesive, leaves no glue residues and attaches very well to concrete, wood, metal, textile and electricity cables.

Furthermore, the tape is water resistant and excellent to withstand heavy load, making it perfect for masking, bundling and packaging in theater and audiovisual world.

The Deltec Gaffer tape Pro is available in different colors and sizes.