Aputure Light Dome II for Light Storm 60, 300 en 600 series LED Lights - LS-LIGHT-DOME-II

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Aputure Light Dome II for Light Storm 60, 300 en 600 series LED Lights

Aputure Light Dome II
• Soft Box unfolded Ø 890 x 65 mm
• Outside diffusion Ø 885 mm
• Inside diffusion Ø 235 mm
• Eggcrate Ø 885 mm
• Gel holder Ø 185x65 mm
• Weight 2.3 Kg

Aputure - It's a modifier designed specifically for the Light Storm 120 and 300 series of LED lighting fixtures.

Best for portraits, interviews, professional filmmaking and facial shots

Full silver coating intensifies output strength for more control over light source

Deep dome design (24-inch-deep) ensures tighter, more focused beam

Unique dual diffuser design ensures even distribution of the light across the entire field

Large 34.8-inch outer diffuser increases size of beam which makes a softer and more fiattering light

Smooth round-shaped hexadecagon light output for beautiful catchlight

Bundled with 2 different thickness of outer diffuser fabric to allow user control different softness (by 1.5 stop and 2.5 stop brightness)

Re-designed 16 rods of wear-resistant Hadfield steel construction for one-person fast setup

Bundled with honeycomb grid add-on help control light spill spread by 40 degrees

Bundled with a gel holder for filmmaker to design light colours

Standard Bowens mount