Dynacore DPM-98S 98Wh/6.7Ah TINY V-Mount Battery - DPM-98S

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Dynacore DPM-98S 98Wh/6.7Ah TINY V-Mount Battery

•TINY V-Mount battery, pocket sized
• Voltage: 14.8V
• Capacity: 98Wh/6,7Ah
• Max Output Current: 10A
• Over Current Protection: 15A
• 1x D-Tap output/charging input
• 1x USB 5V/2A output
• 4-step LED Power Indicator
• Multiple circuit protections
• Mount Type: V-Mount
• Operational Temperature: -30-+50 Degree Centigrade
• Net Weight: 0.5kg
• Dimensions: 102x75x50mm
Dynacore pocket sized battery is designed for applications that required compact sized power used with cameras mounted on handheld stabilizers, focus motors, portable LED panels and small cameras solutions.
With high capacity cells in a compact form, it can still reach a capacity as high as 98Wh, they battery also features 1x D-Tap and 1x USB Output.