Dynacore 10 Channel Charger for 10 Pieces V-Lock Batteries - D-10S

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Dynacore 10 Channel Charger for 10 Pieces V-Lock Batteries

• Model: D-10S
• Input: AC 90V~240V/47Hz~63Hz
• Charger Output: DC 16.8V/2.5A
• Dimension: 705x185x280mm
• Weight: 9.15Kg
Charging of Li-ion battery is done through the V-Mount\Gold Mount plate. Universal AC input voltage for worldwide operation.
Great Craftship
Multiple tinning wires are adopted, which is high temperature resistant, -60°C~+200°C.
It is corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, acid, and water/oil/fireproof. It allows the big current charging for several Batteries together.

Stable Power Supply Module
Thick copper wire is adopted, it allows big current for fast charging without increasing temperature, working life is guaranteed.

High-Quality Fan
As an important component, a high-cost dual ball fan is adopted, it features silence, good heat dissipation, and long operating life

Independent Charging Channel
D-10S/A adopts independent chip control to ensure each channel is controlled separately and has no interference with each other.
Fast charging is achieved in this way.
With the self-protection of over current&short circuit, Batteries can be well protected.
There is a separate LCD screen&LED indicator for each channel to read the charging status and battery voltage.

Customize Needs
The charger body is all metal, the handle is 304 stainless steel material, hard&strong.
If you need to put your info on it, we can laser print it for you.