Lightstar LUXED-6 Bi-Color LED Spotlight 1080W with LumenRadio - LUXED-6-LM

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Lightstar LUXED-6 Bi-Color LED Spotlight 1080W with LumenRadio

Lightstar LUXED-6-LM
• Photometrics:
8900 lux 4m
5000 lux 5m
4300 lux 6m
• Multifunction Bi-Color LED spacelite 1080W
• Aluminum casting
• Color temperature: 2800-6500K
• Brightness: 0-100%
• CRI: >95
• TLCI: >96
• Input: 100-240V
• Accessories: Soft box, Grid, Rainproof cover
• Control: Cable DMX/Wireless DMX 4-channel control per unit
• Frequency: 1Hz-50Hz
• Dimensions: 945x910x216(mm)
• Net weight: 20 kg
• IP Class: IP20
• CE approved

• In the box:
1x Lamphead
1x Power Supply Cable
1x Softbox Set
1x Rainproof Cover

• Optional accessory:
Lightstar LUXED-6-LM SPOTLIGHT LED Bi-Color Spotlight 1080W Lamphead - 2800-6500K - LumenRadio, Individual Control each Spot and Softbox
Lightstar High quality output Spotlight LED Light , CRI>95, brightness 0-100% adjustable, The color temperature is continuously adjustable within 2,800K-6,500k

The light can be controlled over DMX and LumenRadio

Individual Control each spot

LED Bi-Color Spotlight 1080W

You can power your Lightstar LUXED directly from a household socket.

Taking a Lightstar LUXED on your set is the best choice you can make.

It’s robust, versatile and gives you all the LUX you need.

With accessories like the softbox or grid you are ready to deal with every task and situation. Mounting is easy and safe.

The aluminum casting frame allows you to mount the Lightstar LUXED just anywhere you need it.

Control your color temperature and dimming over DMX or LumenRadio from anywhere you want without compromise.

All of the LUXED lights are also ready for flicker free highspeed shootings.

The LUXED-S light does have integrated DMX for easy controls over brightness and color temperature.

Each light comes with a yoke-mount for easy mounting.

The slim structure of the LUXED-S is perfect for stands in small areas.

The design of the lights is also optimized to be used as space light on set or in the studio, allowing it to be installed quick and safe.