Aputure NOVA P300c RGBWW Soft Light LED Panel (No Case) - NOVA-P300C

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Aputure NOVA P300c RGBWW Soft Light LED Panel (No Case)

Aputure Nova P300c Bi-Color rgbww
• Photometrics:
2700k: 7450 lux 1m, 890 lux 3m, 350 lux 5m
3200k: 8200 lux 1m, 960 lux 3m, 370 lux 5m
4300k: 8600 lux 1m, 1000 lux 3m, 395 lux 5m
5500k: 9000 lux 1m, 1100 lux 3m, 430 lux 5m
6500k: 8550 lux 1m, 1020 lux 3m, 400 lux 5m
• 300W RGBWW LED Soft Light Panel
• CRI & TLCI 95+
• Soft 120° Beam Angle
• Fully Tunable CCT from 2000K to 10000K
• Tunable Green-Magenta Adjustment in CCTMode (Full Plus/Minus Green)
• RGB Color Tunability with Hue, Saturation &Intensity Control
• Industry-standard X,Y (CIE 1931): Color Coordinate Adjustment to Match Other Lights
• >90% of Colors Within Rec.2020 Color Space
• 300+ Industry-Standard Gel Presets Built-in
• 15 Built-in Lighting FX: Cop Car, Lightning, Paparazzi, Candle, Fire, etc.
• User-Programmable Presets
• Stepless Dimming from 0 to 100 % with no colorshift
• User Programmable Presets
• Sidus Link App Compatible (Sidus Mesh™)
• Onboard 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out
• Extendable Control Box with Lightning Clamp QR Plate
• 0.6m & 3m long Head Cables for Flexibility & Organization
• 4-Pin XLR DC 24V(15A)-48V(7.5A) Battery Input
• Built-in Internal Ballast
• Neutrik powerCON Locking Power Cables
• Dual Junior/Baby Pin (28mm/16mm) for Mounting on Any Stand
• Handbrake-locking Yoke with 360° Tilt
• Accessory Slot Compatible with Nova P300c Softbox & DoPchoice RABBIT-EARS
• Optional Hard Shell Rolling Case
• Compatible with Aputure 48V Battery PowerStations (*Sold Separately)
• Accepts Chimera Softboxes
• Accepts DopChoice adapters and Snapbags

Aputure NEW 300W RGBWW LED Fixture for Studios, Film, Photography and Video Imagemakers. 2 White Chips and RGB

The Nova P300c is a 300W RGBWW LED Soft Light, and is also the first product in Aputure“Nova” Professional LED Panel product line.

By utilizing a unique RGBWW chipset, the Nova is able to strike a balance between intense output, and precision color quality, capable of producing 9,000+lux at 1 meter (5500K) with a CCT range of 2,000K-10,000K.

The Nova P300c also features an extendable, easy-to-use handheld control box, so you can mount it the light or on your stand, for instant accessibility no matter what environment you use the fixture in.

As an Aputureproduct, the P300c also is compatible with the free SidusLink mobile app control, allowing you to control and unlock new features even if your light is out of arms reach.

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