Akurat Lighting A1N Bi-Color full spectrum on-camera light - A1N

Akurat Lighting
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Akurat Lighting A1N Bi-Color full spectrum on-camera light

Akurat Lighting A1 V-WHITE
• Photometrics:
0,6m - 790/813 lx
1,0m - 265/280 lx
1,2m - 173/199 lx
1,8m - 84/98 lx
2,4m - 48/58 lx
• Color Temperature 3200K-5600 K
• Beam Angle 120 Degree
• CRI Ra = 98 TLCI-2012 = 98
• Maximum electric power: 14 W
• Supply voltage: 6–18 V

• Availabe accessories:
DVB-03 – Adapter/Battery Plate
D-Tap Cable
Magnetic barndoors with diffuser
Akurat 10 mm Accessory Mounting System
Protective Glass
Protective Glass + diff1
Protective Glass + diff2
Cable for SWIT batteries
12V Cable
AC adapter 12V
DC Extender
Akurat Lighting - Small LED panel for the accessory shoe, emitting top-quality full-spectrum light D2120A1. Adjustable between 3200K and 5600K. CRI 98 - TLCI 98.
A1 features innovative white LEDs called V-WHITE, based on a violet chip and ensuring an unsurpassed spectrum of light. The device allows to adjust brightness as well as colour temperature over the entire 3200–5600 K range. The light features state-of-the-art integrated circuits whose energy efficiency exceeds 95%. This ensures low energy consumption during battery operation
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