Akurat Lighting S8 MK2 (130W) Bi-Color LED Fixture, 60 Degree Lenses, DMX and AC Adapter - S8-MK2

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Akurat Lighting S8 MK2 (130W) Bi-Color LED Fixture, 60 Degree Lenses, DMX and AC Adapter

Akurat Lighting S8 MK2 Bi-Color:
• Photometrics:
60 degrees lenses
6500K 8500 lux 1m, 2600 lux 1.8m, 940 lux 3m
2700K 6750 lux 1m, 2000 lux 1.8m, 750 lux 3m
• 60 Degree Lenses
• Beam Angle: 60 Degree
• CRI 97 / TLCI 99
• Flicker Free
• Dimming 0% - 100%
• Nominal voltage 12-18 V
• Max power 130/120W
• Power source AC 90-264V
• Remote control DMX, W-DMX (optional)
• Dimensions: 650mm (w) x 380mm (h) x 22m (d)
• Weight 5,5 kg
• Body: aluminium
• Passive cooled

• Available accessories:
30 & 90 Degree Lenses
V-Lock adapter
XLR 3p – RJ45 Cable 20cm
XLR 5p – RJ45 Cable 20cm
DoPchoice Snapbag SBAK21
DoPchoice SnapGrid SGR74W40
W-DMX Wireless Transmission of DMX
Akurat S8 MK2 Bi-Color high output lenticular LED panel with replaceable optics for Filmmakers, Phototographers, Musea, Studios and Videomakers.
S8 MK2 is another incarnation of the flagship model of Akurat S series, a panel made of aluminum with dimensions of 51×30 cm. The panel is more than twice as powerful as its predecessor S8bi and has an essentially greater beam of light. The CCT range has been extended to the 2700-6500 Kelvins. The Mark 2 also features a completely new light control by the multifunction encoder knob. The optical system consists of 8 interchangeable TIR lens units, placed on magnetic holders, which shape the two basic photometric parameters of the luminaire – the angle of the light beam and the maximum illuminance achieved. Thanks to the use of modern multichip and multi-phosphor LEDs with high CRI and TLCI and very efficient converters powering the LEDs, it was possible to increase the lamp power and obtain a strong stream of high-quality light, completely free of the flickering. New LEDs enable a wider CCT range, from 2700 to 6500K.

Fixed with magnets, replaceable optical system allows for a rapid change of photometric parameters of the lamp, in a very wide range.

A modern controller with an LCD display allows you to set light parameters using a convenient knob. The controls are simple and intuitive, allowing the operator to concentrate on the job.

All MK2 panels, unlike previous versions, are factory-equipped with a DMX decoder. It is also possible to control the lamp wirelessly, using dedicated W-DMX communication modules (in preparation)

The S8 luminarie is equipped with 8 TIR lens assemblies as standard. Thanks to the possibility of replacing the lenses, the user can adjust the photometric parameters of the fixture to the current needs. It is possible both to illuminate wider sets from a short distance, and to achieve significant illuminance in smaller areas. The magnetic lens mount allows for a very quick change without the use of any tools. S8 MK2 luminaries with lenses fixed with screws are also available. We strictly recommend this solution if the luminaries are to be permanently suspended from the ceiling.

There are three types of lenses with angles of 30, 60 and 90 degrees. After removing the lenses, the luminaire emits a beam of light with an angle of 120 degrees. The table below shows the photometric parameters of the S8 MK2 depending on the optics used.
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