Lightstar LIGHTMAN 4KW HMI Kit - LSM-25-40PT-B

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Lightstar LIGHTMAN 4KW HMI Kit

Lightstar LMGP-025
• Photometrics:
Spot 15°
72500 lux 5m, 18800 lux 10m, 8040 lux 15m
Medium 35°
23650 lux 5m, 6200 lux 10m, 2700 lux 15m
Floot 60°
8800 lux 5m, 2600 lux 10m, 1312 lux 15m
• HMI 2500W/4000W 115V/200V G38/G38
• 5600K
• UV Lens cross-section 285mm
• Dimension (mm) 800H x 560W x 540L
• Net weight 23,5kg
• IP 23
• CE certificate

In the box:
1x Lamphead
1x Ballast
1x Extension Cable (15m)
1x 4-Leaf Barndoor

Optional accessory:
- Extension Cable (7m)
Lightstar LMGP-025 2.5KW/4KW HMI PAR LIGHT KIT (Complete with 2.5/4KW Lightman Lamphead, Barndoor, 2.5/4KW Electronic Ballast, 15M Cable)
Lightstar Octagonal Flicker Free HMI PAR LIGHT(2500W/4000W), up to 10000 fps, 1000Hz with fine adjustment modularization design, Automatic self-fault recognition, DMX 512 control.

Original octagonal structure design to present beautiful appearance, better heat resistant and excellent lighting effect

Completely independent ignitor to reduce the damage by over temperature and increase life of the ignitor

It combines the benefits of output of LED spot lights and polygon parabolic reflector of the traditional par light to adjust lighting effect from spot to flood, it's compatible replacement fora traditional par lens

Flicker free, up to 10000 fps, 1000hz with fine adjustment to achieve better lighting effects

Modularization design, automatic self-fault recognition that make the Lightman ballasts more convenient (easy operation)

Output power can be adjusted from 50% to 100%

The maximum output of light fluctuations are less than 3%

Super position design, easy to store

At least increase 20% working life of the bulb

Constant power output

DMX 512 control

Stable Color temperature

• Electronic Ballast: LMEB-025
Input power 4650VA (max)
Input voltage 180-250VAC
Input frequenct 50/60Hz
Input current 26-19A
Output power 2500W/4000W constant control
Matched power identifying automatically 2.5KW or 4KW Lamphead
Dimming 50%-100%
Output current Square wave 50Hz, 60Hz, 75Hz, 300Hz, 1000Hz
Cold start and hot restrike
Net weight 7,6kg
IP 23
CE certificate