Matthews Big F’ing Monitor Wheel Set - Set of 3 - 366075

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Matthews Big F’ing Monitor Wheel Set - Set of 3

• Length: 13" (33cm)
• Height: 10" (25.4cm)
• Width: 4" (10cm)
• Weight: 7lbs (3.2kg)
Matthews Big F’ing Monitor Wheels roll smoothly over rocks, power cables, cable cross-overs, gravel, asphalt, uneven concrete, and soft grass.
Expanding the Matthews wheel accessory category, Rock n' Rollers were designed by request (and with input) from DITs, Steadicam ops, Video Assistants, Grips, and Gaffers.

Unlike other caster wheels, the Rock n' Roller is a foam care-free semi pneumatic tire that won’t go flat, keeping your movements smooth and easy. Slip them our Monitor Stand II or Slider Stand and secure using our spring steel retainer, ensuring a tight fit without damaging the leg sidewall. All wheel treads wear down over time, which is why we created an adjustable brake pad that lengthens the life of the wheel, never sacrificing safety and utility. The Rock n' Roller brake dual locks the direction and rotation more reliably than other wheels. The mechanism is placed on the top, designed to prevent dirt allocation from regular use thus maintaining easy locking or loosening with a quick kick or push.

The Rock n' Roller Monitor Wheel Set is designed to specifically work with the angle of the Matthews Monitor Stand II (249562) andSlider Stand (249561), soothing the minds and hearts of DITs, Video Assists, and Steadicam Ops that need to roll their gear over a stage nested with cables.


• Foam Care-Free Semi Pneumatic Tire
• 8" diameter, 2" width
• Adjustable swivel and roll top brake
• Quick and damage-free installation
• Pairs with Monitor Stand II (249562) and Slider Stand (249561)

• ?Monitor Stand II PN 249562
• Slider Stand PN 249561
• DIT Tray Kit PN 861832
• Monitor Mount PN 861862