Quasar Science RR100 Double Kit 4ft Double Rainbow Case & Foam (only) - CASE-RR100-DOUBLE

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Quasar Science RR100 Double Kit 4ft Double Rainbow Case & Foam (only)

Quasar Science CASE-RR100-DOUBLE Kit 4ft Double Rainbow Case with Foam for storage:
2 - RR100 Double Rainbows
4 - Silicon Bumpers
2 - Neutrik AC Power Cables
2 - DC Power Cables
2 - Ossium Baby Pins
2 - Ossium Sliders
2 - Ossium Battery Plates
2 - Ossium Rotators
4 - Ossium Magnets
1 - Accessory Box
1 - USB-C Drive
1 - 3/16" Hex L Wrench
1 - 5/32" Hex L Wrench
1 - Quick Start Guide

Above mentioned products are NOT included!
Quasar Science Case with Foam to store 2ft Rainbow 2 LED fixtures
The Quasar Science Double Rainbow unique shape provides a powerful light source using little space. Wireless and wired data connections mean no data boxes, receivers or transmitters. Integrated Ossium Mounting System (OMS) rigging adapts to everything. AC/DC inputs for continuous power whenever and wherever.

• Double Wide Design – The two row design of the Double Rainbow makes for a uniquely beautiful light that packs a punch. Ready for work as a source light, its shape produces flexibility like no other.

• Color Control – An industry-first perceptually distributed color palette created by our advanced color science research uses the Psychophysical construct of Just Noticeable Difference to deliver instinctual lighting control. In addition, Spectral Control, a new technical and creative tool, enables output to be desaturated for color-matching 3rd party fixtures or creative intent.

• Color Science – The RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine produces spectrally based color calibration for more than one billion available colors.

• Pixelation – With more than twice the pixels of traditional tube fixtures, the double-height RR produces more realistic animation to take your lighting effects to a whole new realm.

• Mounting – Ossium Mounting System (OMS) integrates seamlessly and efficiently with industry standard hardware for safer, faster rigging with greater precision and style.

• Connectivity – The Double Rainbow is equipped with both an Ethernet Node and a Network Switch creating a whole new universe of possibilities.