Aputure Nova P600C Dual Head Yoke - DUAL-HEAD-YOKE-NOVA-P600C

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Aputure Nova P600C Dual Head Yoke

Aputure Nova P600c Dual Head Yoke
• Dimensions 80.2 x 72.0 x 8.7cm
• Weight 4.0kg
Aputure Dual Head Yoke for the Nova P600c allows users to stack two Nova P600c lamp heads and mount them to a single durable aluminum frame.
Making it easy to operate them simultaneously for a high power 2’ x 2’ soft light fixture with 1200W of RGBWW output. Both lamp heads can feature independent 360° tilt adjustment so you can achieve a wider spread of light or a high-intensity push in a single direction.
Main Features Product Description
• Mount two Nova P600c lamp heads on a single yoke
• Achieve a 1200W Output 2’ x 2’ RGBWW LED Soft Panel
• Independent 360° tilt adjustment for both lamps
• Durable, single piece aluminum alloy frame
• Two sets of high-strength disk brake tilt locks
• (28mm / 1.125in) Junior Pin
• Nova P600c NOT included.