Caligri Airtube 360L Orbiter15 Kit - AT360LAO30

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Caligri Airtube 360L Orbiter15 Kit

Caligri Airtube 360L with Arri Orbiter 15 Disc- AT360LAO30
• For use with the Arri Orbiter
• 360 degree Magic Cloth diffusion
• Diameter: 29 cm
• Length: 180cm
• Length aputure: 160cm
• Needs disc to attach (included)
• Spil light cover
• Skirt

The Caligri AIRTUBE 360L Orbiter15 KIT is designed to use with the ARRI Orbiter Fresnel Lens, 30 degree mounting option. It will have a 360 degree Magic Cloth diffusion and acts like a tall, cylindrical lantern. To adjust the light spread we will have the possibility to attach an Ultrabounce cover to reduce the 360 degree to 180°. Furthermore you will get one skirt to block more light from one side. It comes with the ARRI Orbiter 15 Mounting Disc

The Caligri Airtube 360 will be available in 2 different sizes M and L.

The 360M has a diameter of 19 cm and lenght of 120cm / 4ft and the 360L has a diameter of 29 cm and has a lenght of 180cm / 6ft.

To attach the Airtube 360L to a light fixture you simply need an adapter disc, suitable to your fixture of your choice.

Caligri will start with adapter discs for Aputure Fresnel F10, Velvet Kosmos 400, ARRI Orbiter 30° Optic and the Nanlux Fresnel FL-35. More will follow - e.g. Aputure 1200, Fillex and Prolycht.

The Airtube 360L weights 1,8 kg incl. adapter disc and 180° cover.

The Airtube 360M will suits smaller fresnels in diameter - e.g. Aputure 2X Fresnel, Nanlite FL-20 Fresnel and other light fixtures.

To to missing barn door holders on smaller fresnels or light fixtures the AIRTUBE 360M will come with a harness similar to the AIRTUBE Switch.

Both AIRTUBE 360 will come with a spill light cover and a skirt. The 360L price will include 1x adapter disc.