Chimera Lighting 3500 FABRIC GRID 40 Degree - XXS (30x40cm) - 3500

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Chimera Lighting 3500 FABRIC GRID 40 Degree - XXS (30x40cm)

Chimera 3500 Grid 40 Degree fits:
• Super Pro X, XX-SMALL.
• Super Pro Plus Shallow XX-SMALL.
• Super Pro Plus XX-SMALL.
• Video Pro Plus XX-SMALL.
• Daylite Junior XX-SMALL.
Chimera constructed of super stiff fabric and lightweight aluminum stays to allow adjustment of the angle.
Lighttools Soft EggCrate Fabric Grids help control light spill without affecting softness or color temperature.

They're collapsible, portable and extremely lightweight.

Available in a range of Degree options from 20 to 60 Degrees, with Smaller Degrees offering tighter beam spread.

Key Features:
• Helps control light spill from Lightbanks.
• Does not alter softness or color temperature.
• Folds down to compact size.