Chimera Lighting 3582 STRETCHER FRAME, MEDIUM (90x120cm) - 3583

EAN 845077035832
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Chimera Lighting 3582 STRETCHER FRAME, MEDIUM (90x120cm)

Chimera 3583 Stretch Frame is compatible with:
• Super Pro X.
• Super Pro X Strip.
• Super Pro Plus Shallow.
• Super Pro Plus.
• Super Pro Plus Strip.

• Video Pro Plus.
• Video Pro Plus Shallow.
• Video Pro Plus Strip.

• QUARTZ Plus.
• Daylite.
• Daylite Junior.
• Daylite Senior.

Chimera Stretcher Frame for a Chimera MEDIUM (36x48") Softbank is a sectional, collapsible aluminum frame.

Lighttools Stretch Frames are a simple way eliminating “sag” on Lightbanks when positioned at extreme angles.
Stretch Frames attach in the front-screen velcro to add shape and rigidity to the LIGHTBANK body without altering light quality.

• Key Features:
Durable aluminum construction.
Attaches to front velcro of LIGHTBANK.
Still allows for front screen and light-shaping accessories.