Manfrotto 032 Autopole extends from 210cm to 370cm - 032

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Manfrotto 032 Autopole extends from 210cm to 370cm

Manfrotto ultimate adjustable autopole - 032
• Weight 2.1 kg
• Maximum Extension 370 cm
• Minimum Extension 210 cm
• Closed Length 210 cm
• Colour Gray
• Material Aluminium
• Pole Diameter 45,40mm

Manfrotto ultimate adjustable lighting pole system 032 that can be used to create a background support, supporting photography lighting equipment, or for hundreds of other studio and outdoor applications. Its unique single action cantilever locking system exerts the correct amount of pressure to assure a secure fit, wedging the protective rubber ends in place, ceiling to floor. The cantilever system incorporates a safety lock to prevent accidental de-tensioning or movement.

032 is compact, strong and perfect for small spaces. This super clever Autopole Extends from 2.1m to 3.7m, while being compact enough to transport as and where required. Weighing just 2.2kg, this nifty autopole is lightweight too, making it extra portable for professionals on the go. And even though it’s easy to pack away and transport, it still does everything you need it to. Manfrotto 032 features:
• Safe, secure and easy to use
• Rubber cups at each end for extra grip
• Compact, perfect for smaller spaces
• Aluminium autopole for complete durability
• Can extend to a mighty 370cm

Great features of the 032 user-friendly autopole include its maximum reach of 3.7m. So even if you’re working in the tightest of spaces, you’ll still have the scope to customise your set up as you require. As an innovative design touch, the autopole has rubber cups at each end, giving you extra stability, and ensuring nothing slips while you’re working.

To get set up, simply press the smart and ergonomic safety lock to release the cantilever system and brace the autopole between the ceiling and floor by locking the lever back in position. Not only does it mean you’ll be in position and ready to go with just a few straightforward actions, it also keeps everything absolutely locked in place. Plus, this well-designed autopole is made from aluminium, so you can be sure it’s heavy duty and totally sturdy, even when you’ve got bigger backgrounds to support.

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