Manfrotto 272 BACKGROUND SUPPORT 3 SCTN - 272

EAN 8024221058161
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Manfrotto strong, flexible Background Support 272 can work with a range of attachments and different sized columns and is crafted from hardwearing aluminium. Part of this background support’s big advantages is its portability. It weighs just 0.85 kg, which makes it an easy to handle piece of kit. Apart from being lightweight, it has a clever 3-section design.

The manfrotto 272 is user friendly too, this support has been designed to work with a range of attachments, giving you total flexibility to build your gear up to suit you on the day. A standard 9.5 mm top attachment allows you to pair it with what you need, and it can fit onto a variety of pipes and columns ranging from 2 cm in diameter, right through to 9.45 cm. Plus, it can extend from 112 cms to 298 cm, giving you scope to work in big or small spaces.

Manfrotto 272 features:
• Adaptable background support with universal 9.5 mm top attachment
• Can fit a range of different sized pipes and columns
• Portable, 3-section design
• Made from lightweight and durable aluminium
• Extends to a massive 298 cm