Chimera Lighting PANEL FRAME CONNECTORS (not in catalog) - 5090

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Chimera Lighting PANEL FRAME CONNECTORS (not in catalog)

Chimera Panel Frame Connectors - 5090
• Creates connection point and hinge for two panel frames.
• Tool-free attachment.

• Set of 3 (Three) Panel Frame Connectors.

Chimera panel Frame connectors fastens a Chimera modular frame to a stand or boom

Chimera Panel Frame Connectors create a connection point and hinge for two Chimera Panel Frames.

They snap onto the panel frame and allow you to combine two frames together. Comes in a set of three.

Chimera Panel Frames combine versatility and durability with ease of use for diffusing, reflecting, or reducing light.

Constructed from durable and lightweight aluminum, Panel Frames feature an internal elastic cable so that no parts are ever lost.

Panel Frames fit into standard 2.5 in grip heads for stand mounting and feature an indexing pin to prevent unwanted slippage.

Two or more panel frames can be connected using optional Panel Frame Connectors (#5090) to create a hinged wall or even complete booths!

. With Chimera Panels, you can produce your choice of diffusion and bounce fill, or reduce light with the scrims.

Panel fabrics come in seven styles

Chimera Panel Frame Fabrics are designed to offer immense control over light, complimenting the Panel Frame System.

With a wide range of fabric options, you can easily diffuse, reduce, or reflect light in a durable and effective way!

Key Features:
• Hand sewn in Boulder, CO.
• Simple elastic corners for quick attachment to Panel Frames.
• Five-Year warranty against manufacutrer defects.

Available in:
• black/silver,
• silver gold zebra/soft white,
• full diffusion Chimera Cloth,
• 1/2 and 1/4 Grid,
• white/Black,
• single and double Scrims