Dedolight 3 Light Backpack Kit - P.O.R - BPS3-E

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Dedolight 3 Light Backpack Kit - P.O.R

• DLH1x150S 150W Soft Light
• Dimmable Power Supply
• 12 x 12" Silver Mini Softbox
• Two DLHM4-300 Light Heads with Dimmer
• Two Sets of Eight-Leaf Barndoors
• Diffusers, Holders, and Clamp
• Two Non-Blackened & Four Blackened Lamps
• Three 7' Lights Stands
• Lamp Head Pouch
• DBP Backpack

Dedolight - Provides users with a versatile, and powerful lighting setup. It includes the 150W DLH1x150 Soft Light Head with extremely even illumination along with a dimmable power supply and a 12 x 12 Inch silver mini softbox

At the other end of the spectrum from the soft light are the two DLHM4-300 tungsten heads with built-in transformer power supply and dimmer. These 150W light have optimum output and the ability to accept numerous accessories for even greater control.

The kit also includes two sets of eight-leaf barndoors, diffusers, holders, a clamp, three 7' light stands, a stand extension, lamp head pouch, and the DBP backpack to store all of it.

DLH1X150 Soft Light Head
This Dedolight 150 Watt Softlight Head has an extra reflector, which boosts the output of the low voltage bulb (available separately).

This is a light fixture only. A power cord, bulb and DT12-4 in-line power supply must be ordered separately.

Designed to work with its own 12x12 Inch softbox, and accepts small and medium sized Dedoflex domes, should a larger diffuser surface be desired.

When used with a 12 volt bulb, this fixture may be used with battery power.